Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1

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    Social Media 101

    • Facebook 101

    • Instagram 101

    • Twitter 101

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    Common Q&A

    • "How do I make sure I don't get scammed when working with bloggers?"

    • “What is a media kit (press kit?) and how do you use it?”

    • “Should I pay someone to market my book?”

    • “This is my first book, what do I HAVE to do above everything else?”

    • “Are trade shows and craft fairs worth it?”

    • “I’m self publishing. Does it matter what day of the week I release my book?”

    • “Should I have an ebook, paper book, and audio book?”

    • “Should I still be marketing my old books?”

    • “I feel like I am doing everything I can, but I’m still not making sales. What am I doing wrong?”

    • “How exactly do you promote your books?”

    • “How do you make the most of marketing on a tight schedule?”

    • "How do I blog to attract readers?"

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    • Copy of Business Budget Template - Business Budget Template